Arvind Kejriwal & the Art of Shameless Politics

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Arvind Kejriwal & the Art of Shameless Politics

Arvind Kejriwal has risen from the shadows of Anna Hazare in the past year or so and has showcased himself to be the only saviour from corrupt and scam ridden India. However, in the small time frame that he ruled Delhi, he showed that he is just here for hit-and-run cases and is not at all serious about anything he talks of.

Delhi gave Kejriwal a huge opportunity. Congress supported him unconditionally and BJP was too timid to openly talk to bringing the Govt down. Kejriwal had all the options in front of him to make some real changes. But in his 49 day stint all he did was some cosmetic measures that will just create controversy and keep him inn limelight without actually helping the AAM voters. His decisions on free electricity and free water were just hogwash and measures to support only a few and not the whole masses. His parting gift of giving electricity bill discount to some 24000 supporters was a gross violation and a measure to help only his vote bank while those who paid the bills were made to look foolish. His antics on the roads to protect his law minister was shameful and deplorable.

From the day Kejriwal assumed office in Delhi, he was trying to find ways to get out. From one reason to another, he tried hard for the Congress Govt to pull the plug. But when he saw no escape route, he used the final option of going against the Constitution. He knew quite well that BJP and Congress won’t let him resign so he took the route where he can showcase himself as a martyr.

One after the another Kejriwal has created so many issues just to keep himself in the limelight. He knows that by being controversial he will get ample Tv space and that is what he knows will keep him in public memory.

With elections just a few months away, Kejriwal is now free from his obligations in Delhi and will now start to roam across India showcasing himself as a martyr. He may bring out some more mind-blowing accusations towards BJP/Congress and it’s quite obvious that he will hog all the limelight with any means possible.

But the Indian voters should ask themselves do they really need someone who is all talk no work? Do they really want to see Kejriwal as a PM who will come down on the road daily and create new antics? What has he really done in his stint as CM that he can say he really is the one we need. By protecting his own flock, even the likes of his Law Minsiter, Kejriwal is just showcasing shameless politics and hopefully the common man will be able to see through his antics and make the right choice when the time to vote for the country comes.

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