Congress and its friends: Communalism, Corruption, Caste Politics

Congress knew quite well that it is on shaky grounds in 2014 Lok Sabha elections so it has reverted back to its tried and tested politics of bringing caste politics and communalism to the center in hopes of winning few seats. And since they have given hope on Rahul Gandhi already, they are now being helped by Priyanka Vadra.

Rahul Gandhi was projected by Congress as its Prime Ministerial candidate till about 2013. Then after the state assembly elections in Nov-Dec, Congress came to understand how badly disliked Rahul was which made them change plans and instead go to the elections with no PM candidates. However, we all know that if Congress does manage to secure enough votes, they will force Rahul upon us whether we like it or not.

When the Opinion poll results made it clear that Congress is staring at a big defeat this year, they changed their game plan. They call BJP and Modi communal but the truth is that there’s no bigger party in India then the Congress which has divided it on the lines of Caste and Religion. Congress has successfully kept India divided over the last 60 years and they know that by keeping Muslims fearful about Modi, they may gain some seats. They also know that as long as Muslims vote for any other party apart from them, they still win because in the end all these parties like AAP, BSP, SP and RJD will support Congress on one pretext or the other.

Till the date Sonia met Bukhari and asked for her support, the tone of 2014 elections was all about development and removing corruption. But Sonia’s masterplan of invoking the Muslim card worked quite well and BJP fell into it. Soon BJP leaders started talking about Hindus and Muslims and Congress took this opportunity to raise concerns of BJP being communal. If Sonia had not stopped low and asked for Muslim support, the whole issue would never have started. But as a master of trickery, she played her card well. She knows that she has remained in power so long only because of the false fear she has instilled among the Muslims across India and as long as Muslims can keep voting for her, her chances of returning to power will remain strong.

Priyanka Vadra is the next gimmick that Congress has adhered to. Every time there is a major election, Priyanka surfaces well clad in saris and looking like a perfect Indian. But as soon as elections finish, she vanishes in thin air. Still media gives her enough limelight to project her as the NEXT IT thing. Rahul has failed to lived to anyone’s expectations and Congress has no leaders left. So what better way then to go back to the queen and ask for her help. and Priyanka carefully chooses attacking words so that she can grab maximum limelight. By calling Modi a rat, she is just shaming herself because we all know that if there are any rats in politics, they are all hidden in Congress cupboards. She is shielding her husband Robert Vadra from BJP accusations when the facts are for all to see that how Robert Vadra made riches in his property business from Congress ruled states. The public needs to understand that Priyanka Vadra is a mirage which just comes out during elections and tries to save the skin of her brother and husband and has no care whatsoever about the common man.

Whether Congress succeeds in its gameplan of communal divide and wins back the power in 2014 or not will be known only when the election results are declared on May 16th 2014. But hopefully it will suffer the worst defeat ever so that they can understand that indians and Muslims have become smarter and are no longer swayed by hollow promises and false personalities.

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