Modi is coming…Beware the preachers of false secularism

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Modi is coming…Beware the preachers of false secularism

For years Congress, BSP, SP and similar like minded parties have fooled Muslims and Indians on the pretext of BJP being a communal party. This has resulted in these parties winning election after election and remaining in power to remain united in looting India through corruption.

But if Exit Polls 2014 are any indication, it seems that Narendra Modi has succeeded in making BJP’s comeback to the Center. Every news channel suggests a major gain for BJP led NDA with channels like News 24 even giving NDA 340 seats out of 543. The average results suggests that NDA will get majority on its won which will be a bad omen for parties like TMC which would have hoped for arm twisting measures after the results.

Mulayam and Mayawati were both planning their Central dreams but if the Exit Poll predictions are true then their dreams will now be put on hold. For years they have fought elections against each other and against Congress and yet they have continued to support the Congress at the Center and allowed it a free run in corruption and scams.

If Modi does make it to the Center and performs as well as he has in Gujarat, it will be a victory not just for Modi but also for the people of India who will finally see what growth is. India will also understand that how Congress fooled minorities for years in the garb of secularism and kept them away from development, which Modi will now surely bring to them.

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