BJP may well become Delhi’s Baazigar

“Haar ke bhi jeetne wale ko Baazigar kahte hain” Famous words from Shahrukh Khan movie may ring true for the BJP after their heavy loss in the recently concluded Delhi elections.

Kejriwal has emerged victorious and powerful after the Delhi State Elections 2015 and has trounced all his opponents. Getting 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi is something even Kejriwal would not have dreamed about. Congress has been decimated but it was expected. What was not thought of was BJP being reduced to 3 seats and losing one of their safest seats from Krishna Nagar. Nothing could be more embarrassing for BJP than to see their CM candidate lose from Krishna Nagar.

But their still is a silver line in all this gloom. Kejriwal has rode to power on the basis of rhetoric. Making big promises was easy for him. Free water, Free electricity and Full Statehood may all sound good on paper but on ground realities none of them are feasible. Delhi is national capital and it is impossible that Delhi Police would ever be left under the control of the state as it is a matter of national security. Delhi does not produce its own electricity so it will have to rely on neighboring states for fulfilling its demands. If you purchase power from some other state you can’t expect to give it to the Delhi citizens for free. Kejriwal has made a long list of such promises which will be tough to fulfill.

There’s also a chance of Kejriwal getting carried away. With just 28 seats in Delhi 2013 polls Kejriwal started dreaming of becoming the next Prime Minister. Within days he had offices across India and contested on all seats in the Lok Sabha elections. But the result was for all to see. Most lost their security deposits. Not with 67 seats Kejriwal will be tempted to have another go at nation wide politics. Yesterday itself, AAP gave indications that their next target is UP where they will challenge the Samajwadi Govt. If Kejriwal does not learn from his earlier mistakes and again goes after his ambition of joining national politics, he may fall flat once more.

BJP in the meanwhile should take the results as wake up call and get its act together. They know they are alone in the electoral field and every single party out there will unite to keep the BJP out. Parties from JD(U) to RJD to Trinamool will shamelessly forget any differences they may have with Congress or CPI or anyone else as long as they can keep BJP away from power. The first real test will come with Bihar elections scheduled later this year. BJP now has enough time on hand to re-plan their strategies and get their act together. If they lose Bihar elections it will be difficult for them to make a comeback.

As far as Delhi is concerned, BJP may just want to sit back and relax now. The ball is now in Kejriwal’s court and if past is any indication, Kejriwal will falter sooner or later. And if Kejriwl stumbles, BJP can only come up and claim the BAAZIGAR title.

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