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Pokemon go has been the topic of everyone’s discussion for quite some time now.Its basically everywhere..on blogs,the news,the trending topic on the social networking sites.So it makes sense to have an article on pokemon go hacks so you can ‘catch it all’..at least someday.

1.You can have pikachu as your first pokemon

Most of the people dont know that there is an option to have pikachu as your first pokemon instead of the obvious selection Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle in the beginning of the game. You can do that by constantly ignoring these pokemon and walking away from them until they respawn again and again and eventually you will get to see pikachu with them.

2.Where to find more pokemon
The pokemons are made to be found in areas that are extremely populated. So you will have a better chance of finding ‘them all’ in tourist attractions,malls or parks. Its even better if you already live in a very populated city.

3.Missed a pokemon?
So with your terrible aiming skills you somehow missed a pokemon and that too a valuable one. According to IGN you can get the missed pokemon back.All you have to do it just tap the white ball while its still visible on the ground and voilĂ .Though it is being said that this is a glitch and doesnt work every time but still worth a try.

4.Free pokecoins from google opinion rewards
All you have to do it get google opinion reward and complete some surveys and stuff and get free pokecoins and save your actual money. The catch is that this is only specific for the android users.

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