Fattening foods you should NEVER eat

If you’re on our website and reading this already,it means that you are on a diet or trying to be on one.Working out plays a major role in losing some weight but more than half of the process involved in losing weight depends on your diet and what you are eating,so why not just make the whole process more easy by shunning these fattening food for once and all?


Soda has next to none nutrients and is full of sugar and fat.So it might be the time to break the habit of drinking soda with your evening snack.Instead try homemade lemonade,it tastes good and also has a good amount of nutritional properties in it.

2.Takeaway Pizza

Pizzas are usually very tasty and is everyone’s favourite but it also has a large amount of calories in it,especially the ones you get for takeout from dominos or pizza hut.If you want to eat pizza try to get the ones made up of wholegrain dough and has lots of veggies in it and less amount of chess.You can also try homemade pizza.

3.French Fries

French fries are no doubt very delicious and a very popular side dish but it is also very rich in oil,salt and hence rich in calories.The medium sized fries you get from Mcdonalds has roughly 450 calories in it and thats a lot to just add by eating a snack.Try eating baked potato instead when you get french fries craving.

4.Packaged fruit juice

You might think that you are buying a healthy drink when you get a packaged juice from the supermarket but you couldnt be more wrong as these juices has high sugar content and very less ‘real’ juice in it.So not only its adding unnecessary calories to your diet,its also not providing all the nutrients that a real fruit juice would provide so its just better to get fruits home and make your own fresh healthy juice.

5.Ice Cream

This one might be a little hard to let go because who doesnt love ice cream right? But unfortunately ice creams are very bad for a person on a diet.High amount of sugar,high amount of calories and thats a total no no.So yes its hard but it has to be done–you have to let ice cream go.

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