Money and Power is all you need to make Fake News seem Real

We live in a world dominated by news: some of them real, most of them fake. With the advent of social media in our daily lives through non-stop access to mobiles, fake news often spreads like wildfire and by the time some sources verify the authenticity, damage has already been done.

Supporters of Fake News

Who really supports fake news? In most cases it is people with power and money. The people who stand to lose the most if truth comes out. The modus operandi is simple. Keep a large squad of paid workers to do your initial dirty work. These workers will seem like common men to you. Overtime they create huge followings through paid promotions, and follow backs. These workers will post attractive banners and snippets of the fake news across different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and YouTube. Within hours, the posts will reach millions through forwards, retweets. Some blind followers will create more posts and forward it to their people.

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Anyone replying with factual information to these tweets will immediately be mocked upon. They will be laughed at or straight bullied. They will be made to retract their statements or their posts will vanish among the filth of fake posts.

Once the news has spread and become viral, Stage 2 begins. In this stage the news channels will come up to denounce the fake reports. Some genuinely do it, many others take money to do it. This also helps the fake news propagate further. With straight face, the reporters will say huge lies. They will try to tell you that the news is fake, but all they are actually doing is distributing the news across the masses. More people who listen to it, more they start believing in it. Irrespective of the fact that someone says its fake, if people listen to it from 20 different sources, they will start believing that its true and spread it further.

Once the news is all over and has served its purpose, stage 3 sets in. Its the stage of denials. In this stage the people who are the actual beneficiaries and the one’s who actually started it through their paid workers will come with posts denying the news. They will bring out scientific data along with strong proofs that the news is false. They will put the onus on their opposition of spreading fake information. They will call everyone, but themselves, a liar.

By the time common man excepts the fact that they were taken on a wild ride through fake news, the next wave of fake data has set in. People, as gullible as they are, forget and forgive the past news and take the new one with glee.

Will it ever stop?

Cycle continues and there’s no one to stop it. People with money and power will always win and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. A lot of people who matter have sold their soul to money. News Channels, Corporate, Media Houses, Politicians, NGO’s, Trade Committees, Labour Organizations, the list is long. Money has corrupted them all.

Maybe someday people will realize that they are being used, they will realize that what really matters is the truth and not the instigation’s that they are getting to used to now. For the common man, best thing to do is to believe in nothing. Use your own mind, think about it thoroughly, then decide. Once people start believing in their own thoughts instead of listening to what news propaganda is saying, we can start seeing an end to fake news.

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