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let’s take a look at the Top 5 trends for today on twitter and find out what they are about!


This is being promoted by Amazon Prime Video India. It’s about the Hindi series Paatal Lok which was made available on Prime Video on 15th May 2020. Famous actress Anushka Sharma is the Executive Producer of this series.


Carry Minati’s actual name is Ajey Nagar. He is a famous youtuber with good number of followers on twitter as well. Recently he has been in news because of his YouTube Vs TikTok comparison video. Today, Youtube however deleted this popular video maybe because it was spreading hate and bullying towards TikTok artists like Ameer Siddiqui. Whatever the reason, a lot of followers are pissed that an Indian video that was the fastest to 5 million likes (in 22hrs) got deleted, and so the topic is trending today.


It’s again related to the Carry Minati’s video. A lot of people came out in support of Ameer Siddiqui as the video had a lot of rough language against him and subsequently the guy got roasted in several memes.

Breaking Bad

Recently Breaking Bad completed 12 years. One of the finest and moved loved Tv Series of all times, Breaking Bad continues to be talked about. People love to compare it to some or the other series, like last week it was being compared to Money Heist. A lot of lines from Breaking Bad have become eternal and are used for memes.



Dholera Smart City was a projected smart city, 80 Kms from Ahmedabad. It was highlighted with all might by Mr. Narendra Modi who was then CM of Gujarat.

  1. Dholera Smart City and industrial Hub was proposed by Modi Ji somewhere in 2009-2010
  2. Initial draft was planned for a period of 30 years, 10 years have passed and the city still remains on paper.
  3. It was supposed to be twice the size of Delhi
  4. It was also going to be 6 times the size of Shanghai
  5. Points 1 and 2 in themselves don’t match because Shanghai is 4 times Delhi anyways!!!
  6. It was supposed to be a Smart city with all the best facilities of the world
  7. As we all know, the city never happened.
  8. Maybe it’s like Atlantis. It was made but can never be discovered!

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