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Tamaira Ghati road accident destroyed the light of my life

To quote Roosevelt “Light has gone out of my life”

Accident in Bundu killed my loving mom and dad. Multiple fatal accidents has been going on for years in this 43 km stretch between Bundu and Tamaira in Ranchi-Jamshedpur, Nh-33. No help was provided by passerby or the government, they were finally taken out of the car after 3.5 hours. Another accident on the same day killed mom and her 7 year old daughter. Shame on BJP government for not taking any action and being part of this killing. 100s have died in this stretch of road in just last 2 years with no action being taken.

It’s a shame we cannot hold this government responsible and sue them for culpable homicide.

Reliance’s Jio

The launch of Reliance Jio has taken India by a storm.It is now open to all the users who can sign-up and get a SIM card with free service till December.Great things have been heard about Jio’s good internet providing services and that people have already started switching to jionet from airtel,vodafone etc.Jio is now offering free unlimited data, free voice and video-calling for all the users who are getting the sim.
You can also access free wi fi from public hotspots in your area but for this you have to get the jionet app from the playstore or the app store.After signing up and setting up your profile,you can then see the nearest places from your house that has these public hotspots but the catch it that usage of Jio WiFi is limited to one device at a time meaning you cannot connect your laptop and your phone at the same time but i guess this doesnt matter as long as you are getting free wi fi for free.Reliance has already implied that they plan to add more of these WiFi hotspots all across India
The official use of the Jio servies will start from January,after the trial service.Till then get jio and enjoy the free services.

Amazon APP Treasure Hunt – This Christmas Santa Comes Early 22-23rd Dec 2015

Amazon India is back with its lucrative Rs. 1 Treasure Hunt Deals this Christmas. From 8AM to 8PM on 22nd and 23rd Dec 2015 get ready to rack your brains to find out answers to clues and blockbuster questions and win great prizes for fust Rs. 1. (more…)

BJP may well become Delhi’s Baazigar

“Haar ke bhi jeetne wale ko Baazigar kahte hain” Famous words from Shahrukh Khan movie may ring true for the BJP after their heavy loss in the recently concluded Delhi elections. (more…)

Modi is coming…Beware the preachers of false secularism

For years Congress, BSP, SP and similar like minded parties have fooled Muslims and Indians on the pretext of BJP being a communal party. This has resulted in these parties winning election after election and remaining in power to remain united in looting India through corruption. (more…)

Congress and its friends: Communalism, Corruption, Caste Politics

Congress knew quite well that it is on shaky grounds in 2014 Lok Sabha elections so it has reverted back to its tried and tested politics of bringing caste politics and communalism to the center in hopes of winning few seats. And since they have given hope on Rahul Gandhi already, they are now being helped by Priyanka Vadra. (more…)

Congress, AAP, SP turn 2014 elections into a Hindu vs Muslim Fight

2014 General elections campaign started on a positive note with Narendra Modi talking of development, non-corruption and growth for the country. Congress, AAP, SP and all other so-called secular parties were worried that BJP is stealing the thunder and so they are now back to creating the Hindu-Muslim divide in hopes of winning some seats. (more…)

Elections 2014: Fight Between Modi vs The Rest

2014 Lok Sabha elections are starting from April 7th and on May 16th India will hopefully find out who our next PM is. But as far as voting is concerned, it’s already very clear the people will vote either for Modi or against him. (more…)

Arvind Kejriwal & the Art of Shameless Politics

Arvind Kejriwal has risen from the shadows of Anna Hazare in the past year or so and has showcased himself to be the only saviour from corrupt and scam ridden India. However, in the small time frame that he ruled Delhi, he showed that he is just here for hit-and-run cases and is not at all serious about anything he talks of. (more…)

Arvind Kejriwal: Just another addition to Dirty Indian Politics

Arvind Kejriwal, the new Chief Minister of Delhi, has just proved that politics is really a dirty game and he is a part of that and not above it. (more…)

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