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Boston Marathon Shaken with Two Traumatic Blasts, 3 killed and More than 144 Injured

Washington/Boston: While Boston was dipped into an eventful Marathon Celebrations on Monday afternoon, two consecutive bomb blasts shook the event off into a dreadful occurrence claiming 3 lives and injuring more than 144 people indicting a lifetime health menace to them. As reports states, the toll of victims includes around 9-10 children, one among which is dead, an 8 year old child. (more…)

“IRON LADY”, Margaret Thatcher Dies of Stroke: Lived In What She Believed!!

Ending the distinct term of life into death, Margaret Thatcher, profoundly called an ‘Iron Lady’ of 20th Century by a Soviet Journalist and a leader of British Conservative Party; and an only woman to held the Prime Ministerial Office of Britain in 20th century (from the Period 1979 to 1990) lost her life by falling prey to the stroke on 8th April 2013. (more…)

Windows 8: Try it to like it, don’t go by reviews

Microsoft has released Windows 8 on 26th October and it is their most drastically changed OS yet. Windows, as we have known it over the years, has been changed for good. (more…)

September 27 is World Tourism Day celebrated by UNWTO

World Tourism Day has been celebrated by UNWTO since 1980 on September 27th. UNWTO tries to use the day to promote awareness of the role of tourism on the social, cultural, political as well as economical values of the world. (more…)

And here comes the 4-inch Apple iPhone 5!

As expected, Apple has launched the new iPhone 5 at the Apple event in San Francisco today, 12th September. The screen size has been increased, the dock connector has been changed and the ear phones are now different. (more…)

Samsung unveils the mighty Galaxy Note 2 phablet at IFA Berlin

Samsung has unveiled the mighty 5.5 inch Galaxy Note 2 phablet at IFA Berlin in a bid to reverse the negative effects of their losing the patent battle with Apple. (more…)

Siri may make it to Apple iPad with iOS 6 update soon

Eagerly awaited Siri, the cool voice assistant on iPhone 4S, may debut on Apple iPad with the upcoming iOS 6 update as reported by 9to5Mac. (more…)

Schengen Visa and Euro Crisis: Why Beggars should not be choosers

Europe is going through one of its worst economic crisis at the moment, but that has not stopped them from acting haughty and rejecting tourist Schengen Visa for no apparent reasons. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S III Launched, Samsung leads the Android Race

Highly awaited Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III has been launched by Samsung in a special event held in London on Thursday. The new phone is bound to make Samsung a market leader in Android market and offers faster web-browsing, multi-tasking, amazing graphics and a whole new touch interface on a 4.8 inch massive screen. (more…)

‘Halt’ on Coca-Cola production in China

China has stopped the production of Coca-cola after the cola major accepted that some of its productions have been contaminated by chlorine. (more…)

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