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Our shopping catalog provides you best quality water purification products & R O Systems in India along with AMC & round the clock customer support. Scarcity of good quality water has increased our dependence on ground water sources. This brackish or saline water is unfit for drinking or commercial use unless properly treated. Reverse Osmosis, a membrane desalination process increasingly used worldwide, purifies brackish water for drinking and commercial. application.

Our range of products uses Reverse Osmosis technology proved to be the most effective and complete water treatment process world wide.

R O Remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) like calcium, magnesium, Sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates in water by 90% to 95%. It also reduces harmful minerals like arsenic, fluoride and lead, salinity in water bacteria and viruses. It removes bacteria and viruses. Restoring the original taste and quality of water the way nature want you to have it.

Domestic Water Purification Products


UTC Manual
UTC Manual
We also undertake Annual Maintenance contracts of any type of W. T.P. We have trained & educated team of service personal, we are well known for our after sales services.
  1. We provide 1 Yr after sales service at no additional costs .

  2. Annual Maintenance Contracts are picked at the most reasonable and competitive rates.

  3. We attend the complaints in a maximum time span of 12 Hrs.

  4. We have a dedicated team of 23 people just serving Delhi and NCR Customers. There are more present in our regional branch offices for your convenience.

  5. We are planning to come up with more centers across India.

Advantage :-

  • Converts brackish water into pure, safe, healthy water for your organisation.
  • It is the most economical method to get natural tasting water
  • Removes heavy metals and chemical which cause kidney stone, blood pressure, indigestion, etc.

Pure safe drinking water for your family, offices, educational institutions, hotels.

Gives you pure inlet water for kidney dialysis machines in hospitals provides pure water for use in pathological laboratories

Process water under pressure is passed through a semi permeable memberane with pores of 0.0001 micron. Purified water is collected through a permeate line and impurities in water is flushed to drain.
Technical Specification :-

U.T.C Manual 5-Stage System Flow Rate: 10 LPH.
U.T.C Automatic Automatic ON/OFF with Hydro Pneumatic Tank Flow Rate: 10 LPH
Trans Hydro Size 310x260x415 MM. R.O. Capacity : 10 LPH Water Tank: 10 LTR.
HI- Top Size 350x300x440 MM R.O. Capacity: 10 LPH Water Tank: 10 LTR.
Sprinkle Size 1219x1829x250 MM R.O.Capacity: 10120 LPH Water Tank : 10 LTR.
P-Top 370x300x520 MM. R.O. Capacity: 10 LPH Water Tank: 10 LTR.
Package R.O. System Flow Rate: 25 LPH/50 LPH
Dispensar with R.O R.O. Capacity: 10 LPH Water Tank: 6 LTR. Cooling / Normal
Treated Water Result Comparison

Likel/Caused Disease Boiling
UV Based Filter
Reverse Osmosis %AGE Removed In R.O.
Sodium (Heart Disease) No No Yes 92%
Lead (Mental sickness) No No Yes 96%
Arsenic (Poisoning) No No Yes 94%
Bacteria (Bacterial Disease) Yes Yes Yes 99%+
Calcium (Kidney stone) No No Yes 93%
Copper (Indigestion) No No Yes 96%
Nitrate (Dysentery) No No Yes 90%
Magnesium (Kidney stone) No No Yes 97%
Mercury (Pain) No No Yes 95%
Pyrogen (Fever) No No Yes 99%+
Virus (Viral Disease) Yes Yes Yes 99%+
Fluoride (Bone Weakness) No No Yes 97%

No Not Removed Yes Removed    

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UTC Automatic
UTC Automatic
Trans Hydro
Trans Hydro
Hi Top
HI - Top
Packaged P O System
Package R O System
Dispenser with RO
Dispensor with R O System

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