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Recipe for the Christmas Cake

Serves: 6
Baking Time: 45-50 minutes.

1. Flour: 200 gms
2. Butter: 100 gmsThe Christmas Cake with walnuts and raisins
3. Condensed milk, sweetened: 240 ml
4. Milk: 140 ml
5. Sugar: 2tbsp
6. Soda Bicarbonate: half tsp
7. Dark Chocolate powder: 2n a half tbsp
8. Chocolate colour: 3-4 drops
9. 3/4th cup walnuts chopped
10. 3/4th cup raisins

For Prepairing Cake Icing:
1. 1 cup - butter
2. 2 cups - icing sugar
3. 1tsp - lemon juice

For Decoration:
1. 3/4th cup: Dark chocolate flakes
2. 1 cup red deseeded cherries

Making the Christmas Cake:
1. beat condensed milk, sugar along with butter till light and fluffy. Keep it aside.
2. Sieve flour along with soda bicarbonate, baking powder and dark chocolate powder thrice. Mix chopped dry fruites to the maida mixture.
3. Alternatively add maida mixture and milk to the condensed milk mixture. keep it aside. Use cut and folds beating method to avoid lumps. Add essence and colour in the end.
4. Grease baking tin and sprinkle little flour in the tin and pour the mixture. Preheat oven and bake at 350 degree F for 45-50 minutes till light golden brown. Mix the icing ingredients and beat lightly. Spread over the cake and decorate with chocolate flakes and cherries.

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