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Delicious White Chocolate Recipe

Recipe for White Chocolate

White chocolate is a confection of sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids. The melting point of cocoa butter is high enough to keep white chocolate solid at room temperature, yet low enough to allow white chocolate to melt in the mouth

Ingredients for White Chocolate:

• 400 gms cocoa butter
• 15 gms lecithin
• 350 gms powdered dry milk (yes, this is what the professionals use)
• 350 gms sugar (powdered yourself; the pre-powdered contains cornstarch that makes the chocolate gummy)


• Use your own sugar instead of confectioner's sugar, as confectioner's has added cornstarch. Grind your sugar finely.
• Place the melted cocoa butter in your chocolate making wet grinder* (I recommend the Santha make of grinders). It is very helpful to have your solid ingredients warmed up to at least 120 F.
• Slowly add the 350 gms of sugar and 350 gms of milk powder into the melted cocoa butter while the mixer is running.
• Run the mixer (for chocolate using) until the white chocolate is of the smoothness you desire. I find 8-10 hours is about right. Your tastes may vary.
If you pre-grind your sugar in a small food processor or coffee grinder (about 2 minutes work), you can usually reduce refining time by 2-3 hours or so.
• After it is out of the mixer temper, mold up your chocolate into the shape of your choice.
• Place in a cool, dry place to solidify and then demold, usually about 24 hours later to be safe. This can be done in a refrigerator if you wish.
• White chocolate benefits from the resting like real chocolate, but I have found you need to protect it from heat and light a bit more or it can turn 'off'.

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