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Holi Celebrations: Malpua & Badam Puri Recipe

Badam Puri or Malpua is one of the most obvious food items which has to be made during Holi. It tastes sweel and everyone loves it. It is a very popular dish in the north western parts of India, traditionally associated with many Hindu festivals. Learn how to make/prepare Badam Puri or Malpua by following this easy recipe.


    • 2-1/2 cup Maida
    • 1/2 cup Badam (paste)
    • 3-1/2 cup Sugar
    • 1-1/4 cup Rice Flour
    • 100 ml Milk
    • 1 gm Saffron
    • 1 tsp Cardamom
    • 25 ml Ghee
    • 1 cup Oil
    • 1 cup Water

The Malpua recipe:

    • Knead dough with rice flour, maida, milk and alomond paste.
    • Heat water in a pan and add saffron and cardamom to it. Stir it to make sugar syrup.
    • Make small balls of the dough and roll each ball into a small round puri.
    • Apply ghee on the puri and stack one on the top of other with three puries in each stack.
    • Roll and cut each stack into small pieces. Again, roll the pieces into a round shape and deep fry until golden brown.
    • Now put all the puris in the sugar syrup. Leave it for 10 minutes and take them out of it.
    • Badam Puri is ready to serve.
    • Malpua and badam puri recipe

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