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Indian Snacks Recipe: Kanji Vade

Kanji vade is a tangy recipe prepared on Holi. It might be called by different name in diffrent parts of India. Check out the recpie and yuo shall know you this is a very popular thing for Holi across India.

Ingredients for recipe:

    • 1 kg urad dal
    • 2 pcs(small) hing
    • 3 tsp salt
    • 4 tsp rai (finely ground)
    • 2 tsp red chillies (pounded)
    • 6 jugs water
    • Oil for deep frying
    • Whole red chillies for garnish

Method for Kanji Vade:

    • Soak urad dal overnight and grind to the consistency of a cake batter.
    • Whisk the paste till it is fluffy.
    • Heat oil well in a deep frying pan.
    • Slide the small paste-parts into the heated oil and deep fry to a golden brown color.
    • Take care not to make the vadas too thick.
    • Take them out with a sieve type ladle and drain the oil completely.
    • Keep a tawa on the fire and heat crystals of hing on it.
    • As soon as it gives off the fragrance, turn an earthen pot on it.
    • Take it off the fire and fill it with warm water.
    • Mix rai, salt, red chilli powder and whole red chillies into the water.
    • Put the fried vadas into the matka.
    • Clean the top of the matka and cover it with a clean muslin cloth and securely tied.
    • Leave the matka in the sun during the day for eight days before it is ready to be served.
    • Makes about 1 Kg.

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