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Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide & Tourist Spots

Travel India guide provides you with detailed information on Madhya Pradesh (MP), the place where one of the world's earliest and most highly developed civilisations thrived. There are over 1,800 magnificent monuments bearing witness to the glory that was once theland of Malwa. And here, with this centuries-old culture of many varied streams, live some of the most primitive of aboriginal tribes in India.
And in this great central plateau of rugged mountain ranges, deep ravines and rushing rivers, there are also vast unexplored tracts of thick forest where some of the country's finest biggame roam.

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Tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Madhya Pradesh is a veritable haven for wildlife. In its lush forests, the tiger prowls and the spotted deer, the blue-bull and the gaur roam free. The barasingha has been saved from extinction and its numbers have multiplied in Kanha National Park.

Madhya Pradesh, in its present form, came into existence on November 1,2000 following its bifurcation to create a new state of Chhattisgarh.The undivided MadhMya Pradesh was founded on November 1, 1956.Madhya Pradesh, because of its central location in India, has remained a crucible of historical currents from North, South, East and West.
kanha national park  Madhya Pradesh Festivals  Toranas Gate Buddhism  Sanchi Stupa
Fairs & Festivals
While the traditional religious festivals of the Hindus, Muslims and other communities are celebrated in Madhya Pradesh asenthusiastically as in the rest of India, it is the tribal fairs and festivals of Madhya Pradesh, which are a celebration of the ethnic life-styles of the colourful tribes of the land. The tribal festivals in Jhabua are marked by carefree revelry, drinking bouts and exotic entertainment like cock-fighting, uninhibited dancing, etc. The casual visitor often fails to appreciate adequately the genuine and strong tradition of democracy in tribal society, the harmonious living with nature, the respected status accorded to women, the amicable sharing of the community resources.
Central Museum, Bhopal: The Central Museum at Bhopal was established in 1949. On view are paintings, coins, porcelatin objects, metal and ivory toys and artifacts, woodcarvings and number of miscellanecous items like needlework and local handicrafts.
Gwalior  Khajurao  Sanchi Erotic Khajurao
The temples of Khajurao are located in the forested plains of Madhya Pradesh, in the region known as Bundelkhand.Architecturally, the temples are built in the north Indian nagara style and were built between 950-1050 A.D. by the Chandela rulers.The murals depict the life and times of the Chandelas, while celebrating the erotic state of their being with amazing sculptures which showcases fine skills and a high sense of imagination on the part of the architects.
Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi is 68 kilometers north of Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The stupa at Sanchi is one of the most characteristic monuments of Buddhist India. The four gateways, or toranas, are the finest works of art at Sanchi and are among the finest examples of Buddhist art in India.
Arts & Crafts
In the heartland of India lies the State of Madhya Pradesh. Filled with lush forests, magnificent monuments, exuberant festivity and blissful solitude. In this land of wonderful and contrasting variety, handicrafts lend a touch of mystique - a charm unique to Madhya Pradesh. They radiate an aura, exhibit hereditary skills, whisper painstaking craftsmanship and evoke an urgent desire to learn more about the land and its colourful people.

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