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Travel India guide provides you with detailed information on Maharashtra. Shivaji's country is a rugged land befitting a people with a long history of valour and artistic skill. Central Indian tableland merges with undulating hill ranges, which grow into the majestic Western Ghats before swooping down to palm-fringed beaches. Forts dominate the ranges and tell the history of a warrior people. Caves and temples with artistic embellishments of unimaginable beauty mark the land and attest to the skill of a cultured people. Today, this agricultural land is one of the major industrial states of the country, boasting of Mumbai, the first city of India, one of the world's truly great cosmopolitan metropolises. That paradox is also part of Maratha history.

Tourist places to visit in Maharashtra

Maharashtra, a state where a millennium of culture weaves a tapestry of myriad charms. The spiritual solace of centuries. The sylvan serenity of the countryside. The stillness of a thicket disturbed only by a tiger flashing past, or the symphony of tradition from its varied population. All abound in a unique togetherness.
Mumbai (Bombay): Mumbai was given by Portuguese as dowry to Charles II of England when he married Catherine. The group of seven island was leased to the East India Company who offered freedom of business and religion to persons who came and settled here. Initially a few Parsis and Gujarati came

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Hill Resorts of Maharashtra
Maharashtra, the only places in India, where you can observe the fall of the land all the way to the shimmering sea. The foot-hills, sometimes approaching the seashore and sometimes withdrawing 40 or 50 kms. away, seem to be playing an eternal game with the Arabian sea. Nestling shyly in these mountains, some at an altitude of 2000 meters, are the hill stations of Maharastra. The geography of Maharastra, the great state, shows evidence of being wrought by a divine hand. Running north to south, throughout its length are the steeply rising Western Ghats.
Mumbai Metro Rail
The work on much-anticipated Mumbai Metro Train has already begun under the supervision of Mr. E Sreedharan, the managing director of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, the one who made Delhi's metro rail dreams a reality too. The cost will be shared by the Central and state governments.
Mumbai Monorail
The main idea behind the Mumbai monotrail is to ease congestion in the highly crowded Jacob Circle, Wadala and Chembur areas. Once implemented, and tested successful, the same system is expected to be implemented in other major cities of India such as New Delhi and Bangalore.
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Festivals of Maharashtra
Modern Festivals of Maharashtra : Every year, MTDC seeks to present the myriad facets of Maharashtra's rich heritage of the performing arts through a series of festivals held at important cultural centres. The years have added a mesmerising allure to these events, now avidly awaited by lovers of Indian music, art and culture, who appreciate the artistry of India's leading exponents of classical music and dance who come from all over the country to perform at the festivals.

Cuisine in Maharashtra
The saying 'Anna he poornabrahma' aptly summarises what Maharashtrians feel about the food they cook. They consider 'anna', or food, equal to 'Brahma', or the creator of the universe. Food is God, to be worshipped. Little wonder that Maharashtrian cuisine not only fills the stomach, but also fills the soul - with content! The cuisine of Maharashtra is largely influenced by the landscape, the people and the crops grown in various regions. It is not only memorable for its subtle variety and strong flavours, but also because of the legendary hospitality of Maharashtrians. In affluent homes, feasts often start at mid-day and end when the sun turns towards the western horizon.

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