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Travel India guide provides you with detailed information on Manipur. "The sweet winds gently caress the vast extent of green fields. The smooth, soft rays of the early morning sun bathe the landscape and make the drops of dew on the grass-blades glisten like pearls..." Such is the beauty of Manipur, my home state. It's beauty is to be seen to be believed and trying to describe it in words would be outright injustice. The late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, called it "The Switzerland of India".

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Tourist places to visit in Manipur

Manipuri Dance: Manipur presents a mosaic of traditions and cultural patterns. Particularly, it is world famous for the Manipuri style of classical dance, very much distinct from other Indian dance forms. The Manipuri school of dancing whether folk, classical or modern, is devotional in nature.
1. Pung Cholom
2. Maibi Dance
3. Ras Leela
manipuri dance pung cholom manipur ras leela manipur
A historic Vaishnavite centre, adjoining the Royal Palace of Manipuri’s former Maharajas, the Govindajee temple is a simple structure, comprising of twin domes, a paved courtyard and a large raised congregation hall.
kangla gate manipur chorus museum manipur Govindajee
Loktak Lake and Sendra Island:
48 km. from Imphal. A huge and beautiful stretch of water, this lake is like a miniature inland sea. From the Tourist Bungalow, set atop Sendra island, visitors can get a bird's eye view of the lake and the life on it, the fisherman and their families who live in neat huts on its shores and who make full use of their watery environment. They cast their nets on it, rear fish farms in it using nets as floating walls, harvest it for the water chestnut known as Heikak, and even build their houses on the islands of floating weed that dart around the lake.
floating house loktak lake keibul lamjao national park
Keibul Lamjao National Park:
53 kms. from Imphal and on the fringes of Loktak Lake, this is the last natural habitat of the endangered marsh-dwelling brow-antlered deer of Manipur called "Sangai". The scientific name of this deer is "Cervus eldi eldi". The park is composed of large masses of floating weed (called "Phumdi" in local dialect). Geographically the floating biomass (phumdi) encompasses an area of about 42 sq. km.The thickness of the biomass is from 0.5 to 1.5 metres. These phumdi unseemingly can suport a lot of weight. In fact, migratory fishermen bulid houses on these floating islands of weed that float around the lake. I myself have visited some of these houses (huts, to be more precise). It was quite an experience, really. Imagine going to sleep at night in one part of the lake and waking up the next morning in a different part of the lake!

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