Chandrayaan sends first images of the entire earth

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Entire Earth image from Chandrayaan

Chandrayaan sends first pictures of entire earth

(First full image of Earth from Chandrayaan)

After successfully broadcasting images of different locations and moon last year, Chandrayaan has now broadcasted images of eart in its entirety. This is it's first full-image of the earth, which was captured by its on board Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC). The TMC was developed to prepare a three dimensional atlas of the moon with a high spatial resolution.

The images have been taken from around 4,00,000 KMs away and shows Indian subcontinent at the center. It also features Asia, west asia, parts of Africa and Australia. IN it's first ever pictures last year Oct, Chandrayaan took images from a distance of just about 9,000 to 70,000 Kms and they were only partial images of the earth.

The Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft has also send back images of the moon's craters, which were taken by the Miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar. The crater, known as Schrodinger, is 320-Km wide and is famous for a small volcanic vent on its basin floor. The Mini-SAR has also caputred a new impact crater, which is a 3 K in diameter. The key objective of this Mini-SAR is to detect water ice in the permanently shadowed regions of the lunar poles.




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