Inauguration of India's first monorail project in Mumbai

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Mumbai Monorail Project launches on 9th Feb 2009 Share NEws

The launch of Mumbai Monorail

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India's first monorail, the Mumbai Monorail project is all set for launch on the 9th of Feb 2009. The first stretch will have routes between Chembur station to Sant Gadge Maharaj chowk via Wadala and will cover a total distance of 20 kms. More than 3 lakh commuters are expected to be benefited by this, who currently rely on buses, local trains, taxis, auto-rickshaws or private vehicles for the same route. The first monorail train is scheduled to run in around two and a half years from now.

Monorail Features:

1. The Mumbai monorail promises to reduce 28,000 taxi and auto trips on a daily basis. About 25,000 cars are expected to fo off the city's congested roads.
2. The monorail train will run at an average speed of 32 Km per hr and will be completly air-conditioned.
3. Initially, a train will be available every 6 to 9 minutes.
4. There will be a total of 18 stations, and will have elevators for the elderly. The two tracks will run 9-11 meters above the ground on a single pillar.
5. Each train will have 4 coaches with a total capacity of 600 passengers.
6. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 2,460 Crores.

Apart from the launch of the monorail in Mumbai, a Skywalk at Chembur and a foot-over bridge at Siddharthnagar will also be inaugurated today.

Skywalk At Chembur:

The Skywalk will connect the Chembur Railway Station East and West. The total length is 284 mtrs, with a width of 4 mtrs. Some state of the art facilities with lifts for the elderly and physically challenged persons. The skywalk has been aesthetically designed and is eco-friendly.

Foot Over Bridge at Siddharthanagar:

The foot over bridge will connect postal colony to Shramjeevinagar across eastern express highway. The total length is 37.6 mtrs with a width of 4 mtrs. There's also a provision for lift with a capacity of 20 people. The foot over bridge at Siddharthnagar has been aesthetically designed and is state of the art & eco-friendly.


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