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Grand Welcome to the New Year 2009

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2009 New Year Celebrations at The Taj, Mumbai:
Although fewer people came out to celerate the New Year as compared to previous years, The gathering at The Taj is a salute to the spirit of Mumbai.

New Year at The Taj in Mumbai

2009 New Year Celebrations at The Marina Bay, Singapore:
About 250,000 party-goers gathered in the Marina Bay area to catch the fireworks. Out on the waters of the Singapore River, 10,000 lighted white balls -- 'wishing spheres' -- floated, reflecting the red, green and yellow hues of the fireworks that lit up the sky at midnight.

Fireworks at Marina Bay in Singapore

2009 New Year Celebrations at The Sydney Harbour, Australia:
Known for its choreographed and themed fireworks displays, this year's show -- nicknamed 'The Creation Storm' -- drew thousands of people to the Sydney Harbour in Australia to watch the spectacle.

Sydney Harbour in Australia celebrates New Year 2009

Celebrating the Start of 2009 at The Taipei Tower, Taiwan:
Fireworks shot from the 101-storey Taipei Tower as midnight struck in Taiwan. About 600,000 revellers gathered in front of Taipei City Hall.

Taipei Tower Fireworks

Welcoming 2009 at The Times Square, New York:
Almost a million people thronged Central Manhattan to watch a 101 year old traditional ritual of dropping the crystal ball on Times Square, counting the last 60 seconds as the 12,000 pound ball slowly moved down, and burst into frenzy when it hit the ground lighting up "2009". One tonne of confetti also floated down.

Celebrating 2009 at The Times Square in New York

Celebrating New Year 2009 at The Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong:
Hong Kong greeted 2009 with fireworks over Victoria Harbour. Firework exploded off and around the IFC, the tallest commercial building in Hong Kong, during the celebrations.

The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

2009 New Year Celebrations at The Acropolis, Greece:
The Acropolis shines like a beacon under the glow of fireworks while welcoming the year 2009.

The Acropolis in Greece

Happy New Year 2009 at The Cathedral Square in Lithuania:
Fireworks crack over Cathedral Square in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Cathedral Square in Lithuania

2009 New Year Celebrations at The Champs Elysees, Paris:
Thousands of revellers celebrate the New Year on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

The Champs Elysees in Paris

2009 New Year Celebrations at Edinburgh, Scotland:
A huge volley of fireworks explode over Edinburgh, Scotland.

Welcome to New Year 2009 at Edinburgh, Scotland

2009 New Year Welcomed at The Big Ben, London:
A spectacular fireworks display fills the sky around the Big Ben as it sees in the New Year 2009.

The Big Ben in London

2009 New Year Celebrations at The Red Square, Moscow:
Thousands were at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia to see in 2009.

The red Square Celebrations at Moscow

2009 New Year Celebrations at The Sky Tower, Auckland:
Auckland's Sky Tower is brought to life in New Zealand to welcome the onset of 2009.

The Sky Tower all lighted up in Auckland



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