Top 10 Gift ideas in 2009 for loved ones

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Choosing gifts for loved ones in 2009Share NEws

Holidays and celebration times are the time when you wish to shower your loved ones with lots of love and presents that show your love for them. So, here's a guide to choosing gifts in 2009 for your loved ones with our top 10 gift ideas. Remember that chocolates and candles are now passe; it's the latest in the sphere of gizmos and the innumerable designer objects that your loved ones now generally desire. Here's the top 10 list of gift ideas that might just do the trick in solving your dilemma:

1. Digital Camera

The digital camera might just be the best gift you'll ever give someone. It's not just a small little gizmo, it's the power to capture the various moments and people in ones life. Just to be able to capture moments of joy and different emoptions, might just give your loved one a sense of happiness.

2. Smartphone

It's time you accepted the fact that technology rules our lives. A smartphone is a mobile phone that serves the purpose of a typical phone and also has other advanced functions like PC functionality or an operating system software, web browser, email clients, etc. The variety is wide incase of models, brands and even the price range.

3. Video games

This one is not just for the kids, but even for that kid in the adult that you get to see sometimes. The options are huge. From compact portable video games to the full on gaming systems like XBox 360 or Playstation 3 which can pretty much transform an entire room, turning it into an entertainment hub.

4. Jewellery

If you wish to get a little extravagant, present a little piece of jewellery. You could go in for something with emeralds, rubies and diamonds to bring out the Christmas colours with all their sparkle. If gems don't suit your style, go for jewellery made to look like mistletoe, a star or something you like.

5. Gift a trip

This one is for the travellers. Giving your friends and family tickets to their favourite places could be the perfect holiday gift they were looking for. A trip to Goa or a short shopping trip to Bangkok would be simply perfect for the holiday season! You can even book hotel rooms and gift along.

6. Designer candles

There are innumerable stores and shops which sell unique and beautiful candles. There are so many different kinds of candles with dried flowers, some with even gold and silver.

7. Music Collection

In case your friends and loved ones like music and movies, then the best gift you could give them would be a complete collection of a set of their favourite music or movie.

8. MP3 Player

Though MP3 players aren't the latest in-thing now, they are surely loved by all. There's a wider ange to choose from like video mp3 players, simple mp3 players and mp3 players with games. There is also a difference in size, storage capacity and price range.

9. Spa Voucher

Although the Spa culture is yet to pick up in India, a spa voucher in today's stressful times might just turn out to be the best gift anyone gets or even gives. Who doesn't love a nice, soothing and relaxing massage.

10. Goodies basket

In case you have no idea about what to gift, a nice basket full of goodies is something everyone relishes and enjoys. Personalise the basket by adding their personal favourite chocolates and cakes!

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