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You must have heard of aircraft charters, jet charters or even cruise ship charters. Now, The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has decided to start the train charter services in India. So, if you have plans for a good holiday with your entire family including your granparents, your parents , uncles-aunts and kids, all you need to do is go ahead and book yourself an entire train! That way you can not only enjoy the exclusive company of your known ones while travelling, but also have the train stopped at your chosen locations.

Rail Charter Services:

The Indian train charters will provide you with an unique opportunity to fully reserve the compartments of a train, and travel to the destination with only known faces to look at. Apart from providing you with the travel options, The train charter services in indiathe Indian train charters will also be responsible for managing your entire tour itinerary. So, starting from hotel bookings to your daily meals, everything would be covered in the rail charter package.

Although the Indian Railways has decided to start on the service for just three routes for now, it is sure top increase the routes based on the feedbacks and requirements. As of now, the charter train would have 15 coaches. The current charter train routes are:

1. Ahmedabad to Goa,

2. Mumbai to Vaishnodevi, and

3. Mumbai to Tirupati.

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