Lord Buddha's "Reincarnation" boy seen again

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News Update: Buddha Boy Re-surfaces

Buddha Boy surfaces back in Nepal

(Boy Believed to be reincarnation of Lord Buddha)

A teenage boy, regarded by many as Lord Buddha's reincarnation, has been seen again when he re-appeared after Buddha Boy under the treethree long years of meditation in jungles of Nepal. Thousands of devotees are flocking to a jungle in southern Nepal for a darshan of a teenage boy. Many people regard Bamjan as the re-incarnation of Lord Buddha, who spread the message of peace and non-violence nearly 2,600 years ago. Many just want to see how he looks like after three years of meditation in deep jungles of Nepal.

The boy's real name is Ram Bahadur Bamjan and he is 18 years old. He was first spotted in the jungle of Bara district in southern Nepal in 2005. He spent months there without eating and moving, with his eyes closed under a tree. Then, he supposedly vanished in the jungles for meditation. Bamjan re-emerged this week to meet thousands of his followers and well-wishers, who have come just to see him and have his blessing. He is currently staying in the jungles of Ratanpur, about 200 km south of Kathmandu, Nepal.

The boy has a light tap on the head, which devotees consider as the touch of the divine Lord. A yellow piece of cloth was hung on the tree, beneath which he was meditating for hours without movement. His face was quiet, his long hair spilled over his white robe, and he did not utter a word. A priest accompanying the boy has said that the alwaysboy in 2005 silent Buddha boy is likely to speak to his devotees on November 18 before going for another deep meditation into the forest.

Though Bamjan, supposedly Lord Buddha's reincarnation, reportedly meditated without food and water, he is healthy and strong and does not show any symptoms of hunger and starvation. The boy's meditation and apparent 10-month fast attracted global attention before he vanished in March 2005. He wasn't seen since then, untill now that he has come back in pulic view.

Photograph: Diwakar Bhandari/AFP/Getty Images





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