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Oldest Mother in the World

Rajo Devi has become the oldest mother in the world by giving birth to a baby girl at the age of 70. She married 50 years ago, and gave birth to a baby girl on November 28' 2008 after receiving fertility treatment making her the world's oldest mom.

Her doctor Anurag Bishnoi, from the Hisar fertility centre in Haryana province 80 miles north of New Delhi, said both the mother and baby girl, who weighed a little over 3lbs, were in good health.

Adriana Iliescu a retired university lecturer and children's story writer from Romania was the world's previous oldest woman having given birth to a girl in 2006 at the age of 67, also through an IVF procedure.

"We longed for a child all these years sand now are very happy to have one in the twilight years of our life" said Devi who had become menopausal over two decades ago.

Father Bala Ram, 72, said: "The upbringing of the child will not pose any problems. We have a joint family as is common in Haryana."

According to reports from Devi's Alewa village in Jind district, the illiterate 20-year old married Ram, a farmer in 1954.

Ten years later after she failed to produce any children – widely considered a stigma in Haryana's family-orientated society – Ram wed Devi's younger sister hoping that she would produce him an heir.

Such marriages, though illegal and punishable under law, are not uncommon in rural India even today and enjoy a broad social acceptance in agrarian communities where women have little or no rights.

But that attempt too failed and the three lived childless for decades till they approached the nearby fertility centre for treatment in the year.

The embryo treatment was carried out in April but it was not clear whose egg and sperm was used in the successful treatment that raised the couple's social status in the village.

(Source: Telegraph)

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