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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Cuddapah Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Cuddapah shown below

Pin Code Area District State
516001AlmaspetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001Cooperative ColonyCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001CuddapahCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001Cuddapah Mundy BazarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001KommaluruCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001Maruti NagarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001MasapetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001MochampetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001NagarajupetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001Sunnapuralla PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516001VenkatreddygaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002BuddayapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002ChinnachowkCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002DegalavandlapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002JayanagarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002LingampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002MachupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002PalampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002Patha CuddapahCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002Rtc Work ShopCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002SankarapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516002TakkoluCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Alankhan PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003ChemmumiapetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003ChinnakampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Chintha Komma DinneCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003KopparthiCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Krishnapuram RsCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Ksrm Engg CollegeCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Lingareddy PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Nagi Reddy PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003PabbapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003PemmadapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003RamarajupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003Ravindra NagarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003S.v.u. P.g .centreCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003TadigotlaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516003UtukurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516004Chinna Musali Reddy PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516004Cuddapah R.sCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516004Industrial EstateCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516004YerramukkapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Barytes FactoryCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101BuduguntapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101ChiyyavaramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101KodurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Kodur RsCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Koneti Raju KandrikaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Kukkala DoddiCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Lakshmigari PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101ObanapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101SettiguntaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Srinivasa NagarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101SurapurajupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Vellavari KandrikaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Venkata Reddy PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516101Venkatapathiraju KandrikaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104AnumpalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104ChitvelCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104DevamachupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
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