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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Cuddapah Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Cuddapah shown below

Pin Code Area District State
516104KampasamudramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104KandulavaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104MylapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104PolopalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516104RajukuntaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105AnantharajupetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105Anantharajupet RsCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105Balireddy PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105ChennarajupoduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105GovindampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105MangampetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105RaghavarajupuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516105YerraguntlakotaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107Ananthaiah Gari PalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107AnanthasamudramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107AppayarajupetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107DalavaipalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107DandlapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107GopamambapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107KommanavaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107PouruvengannagaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107PullampetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107PuthanavaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107RamasamudramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107ReddipalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107T.kammapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107ThippayyapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516107VathalurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108BotumeedipalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108ChinnampelliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108ChinnaorampaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108GadelaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108KorlakuntaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108MukkavaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108NukanapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108ObulavaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516108PeddaorampaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516110BommavaramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516110Cheruvukinda RachapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516110NagaripaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516110NagavaramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516110PeddarachapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516110VenkatarajupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516115RajampetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516115Rajampet RsCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126GalivaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126KarampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126KothaboyanapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126KuchivaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126LingarajupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126MadanagopalapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126MandaramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126MannurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126MittameedipalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126Narayana NelloreCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126PoliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126RollamaduguCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126SeetharamapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126TallapakaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516126VaradaiahgaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
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