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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Cuddapah Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Cuddapah shown below

Pin Code Area District State
516127NarasingarajapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516127PenagalurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516127PerlakuntaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516127SingareddypalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516127VelagacherlaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128ChakrapunayanipetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128ItimarpuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128KattavaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128MalemarpuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128MudrapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128NakkalapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128ObiliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128ThimmaytagaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516128ThummachetlapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129BesthapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129Gutta Kinda Racha PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129JangampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129MadithaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129MudumpaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129PeddabidikiCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129PeddinenikalvaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129Pincha Dam SiteCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516129RayavaramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130BhagampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130Budidagunta RachapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130GundlapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130KanchipativandlapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130Peddabalija PalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130PeddapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130PolimerapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130ReddivaripalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130SanipayaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130T. SundupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516130ThimmasamudramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150AdapurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150AkepaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150Allwyn NagarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150Cheyyeru ProjectCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150GundlurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150MandapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150NandalurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150Nandalur BazarCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150NaramrajupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150PaturCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150PullapathurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150SeshamanbapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516150ThogurupetCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516151KonapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516151KumpinipuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516151PothapiCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516151TangaturCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516152ChintharajupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516152MantapampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516152NadimpalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516162BayanapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516162ChennurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516162ChinnamachupalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516162KokkarayapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516162MundlapalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516162ObulampalliCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
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