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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Cuddapah Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Cuddapah shown below

Pin Code Area District State
516362MeenapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516362NagalapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516362PallavoluCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516362TallamapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516362UpparapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516362YerraguntlapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380BondalakuntaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380ChinnadudyalCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380K KothapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380MuddanurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380NallaballeCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380PenikalapaduCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380RajulaguruvayapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380UppaluruCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380VelpucherlaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516380YamavaramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390AmbakapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390AnkalammapetaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390BokkudupalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390BrahmanapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390ChinnarangapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390ChintalajuturCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390ErraballeCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390ErripalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390GollalagudurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390GoturCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390IppatlaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390MurarichintalaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390NallapureddypalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390PeddajuturCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390PeddarangapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390PulivendlaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390Pulivendla Bus-standCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390PulivendlakutcherryCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390R ThummalapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390UlimellaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516390VenkatapuramCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396AkkulugaripalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396ChinnakundalaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396GunakanapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396KommanuthalaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396LingalaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396LopatnuthalaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396ParnapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396PeddakundalaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516396VelidandlaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401BuchupalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401KamballeCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401LomadaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401MallelaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401RavulakolanuCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401T ThummalapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516401TondurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411BalapanagudurCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411ChinnapasupulaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411J KothapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411JangalapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411N KottalapalleCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411NemaladinneCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
516411PeddapasupulaCuddapahAndhra Pradesh
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