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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Guntur Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Guntur shown below

Pin Code Area District State
522001Bus Stand(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522001College Road(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522001Govt. General HospitalGunturAndhra Pradesh
522001Kothapeta(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522001Nehru Nagar(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522001Old GunturGunturAndhra Pradesh
522001Railpet(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522001Tobacco Colony(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522002Brodipet(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522002Donka Road(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522002GanikapudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522002Guntur HoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522003Choutra(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522003Etukuru Road(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522003Factories WardGunturAndhra Pradesh
522003Guntur Bazar SoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522003Municipal Office(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522003S.k.p.temple(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522004A.t.agraharam(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522004Guntur Collectorate SoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522004Guntur Medical CollegeGunturAndhra Pradesh
522004Trunk Road(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522005AnkireddypalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522005Layola NagarGunturAndhra Pradesh
522005NallapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522005PedapalakaluruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522005PothuruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522005VengalayapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522006Chowdaripeta(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522006Pattabhipuram(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522006S.v.n.colony(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522007Amaravathi Road(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh
522007ChandramoulinagarGunturAndhra Pradesh
522007Koritepadu(guntur)GunturAndhra Pradesh Pradesh
522009Perecherla Gds SoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522015Abbineniguntapalem SoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522015GogulamudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522015KopparruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522015RavipaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522015VangipuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016EndroyGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016KarlapudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016LatchannagudipudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016LemalleGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016MothadakaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016MukkamalaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016NarukullapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016NevalikalluGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016NidumukkalaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522016VunguturuGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017AnanthavarappaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017BudampaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017ChamallamudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017ChintapallipaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017EtukuruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017GarapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017KornepaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017KurnuthalaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017LalpuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
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