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Find Pin Codes in Krishna

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Krishna Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Krishna shown below

Pin Code Area District State
521180GottumukkalaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521180JammavaramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521180KanchikacharlaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521180MoguluruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521180MunnaluruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521180ParitalaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521180PonnavaramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181ChennaraopalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181DachavaramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181Gudem MadhavaramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181JuzzuruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181KontalapalliKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181NarasimharaopalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181PeddapuramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521181VellankiKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182BobbellapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182ChandarlapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182GudimetlaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182KasarabadKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182KodavatikalluKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182KonayapalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182PokkunuruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182PopuruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182PunnavalliKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182VeladikothapalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521182VibharintapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521183EturuKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521183GuttavaripalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521183MuppallaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521183ThotaravulapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521183TurlapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185ChandapuramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185CheruvukommupalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185GandepalliKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185GollamudiKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185IthavaramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185JonnalagaddaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185KammavaripalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185KanchalaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185KethaveerunipaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185KonduruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185LingalapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185MagalluKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185MunagacherlaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185NandigamaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185Nandigama BazarKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185NawabpetKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185PallagiriKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185PendyalaKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185RaghavapuramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185RamireddipalliKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185RudravaramKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185SanagapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185TorragudipaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521185VemulapalliKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521190AnigandlapaduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521190GopinenipalemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521190GummadidurruKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521190KanneviduKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
521190LingagudemKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
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