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Find Pin Codes in Kurnool

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Kurnool Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pin Code for Kurnool shown below

Pin Code Area District State
518122KondamanayunipalliKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518122KunukuntalaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518122MettupalleKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518122OwkKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518122RamapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518122RamapvaramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518122SivavaramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123AbdullapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123AnkireddypalliKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123ChintalayapalliKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123GorivimanipalleKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123ItekalaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123KalvatalaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123KanakadripalliKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123KolimigundlaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123MeerjapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123NandipaduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123PetnikotaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123RamakrishnapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123ThimmanayanipetaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123ThollamaduguKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518123ThummalapentaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124AppalapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124BanaganapalleKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124Banaganapalle South TsoKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124GollaguttaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124KatikavanikuntaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124KrishnagiriKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124KypaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124LingamboduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124MangampetaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124MeerapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124NandavaramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124PathapaduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124TamballapalleKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124TangaturKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124TellapuriKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124VenkatapuramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124YagantipalleKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124YanakandlaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518124YerragudiKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134AllurKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134BhimunipaduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134BijanavemulaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134GulladurthiKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134GundupapalaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134GunjalapaduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134HarivaramKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134JoladarasiKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134KalugotlaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134KampamallaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134Koilakuntla Bus Stand TsoKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134Koilakuntla Lsg SoKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134KristipaduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134LingalaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134PeddakopperlaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134PottipaduKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518134RevanurKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518135AmmireddinagarKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
518135ChakarajuvemulaKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
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