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Andhra Pradesh Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Andhra Pradesh. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Andhra Pradesh, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Andhra Pradesh shown below

Pin Code Area District State
522612PatlaveeduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522612PolepalleGunturAndhra Pradesh
522612SyamarajapuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613BodilaveeduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613GottipallaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613GundalapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613KandlaguntaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613KothapullareddipuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613SirigiripaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522613VeldurthyGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614ChinakodamagundlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614GadevaripalleGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614GummanampaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614KarempudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614MarripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614MellavaguGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614NarasimhapuriGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614PedakodamagundlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614PetasannegandlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614SankarapuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522614VoppicherlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615CheemalamarriGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615ChejerlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615GundlapalleGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615InumetlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615KarlakuntaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615KunkalaguntaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615NarasingapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615NekarikalluGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615SanthagudipaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615TsallagundlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522615UppalapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616ChilakaluripetGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616Chilakaluripet Bazar TsoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616EdavalliGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616GottipaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616Komaravallipadu (ckt)tsoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616MaddiralaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616ManukondavaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616PasumarruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616PothavaramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616PurushothapatnamGunturAndhra Pradesh
522616Subbaiah Thota(ckt)tsoGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617AlavalaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617AnnavarappaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617KonakanchivaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617RamireddipalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617RompicherlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617TurumellaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522617VadlamudivaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522619SandepudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522619TurlapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522619VeluruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522626BoppudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522626GopalamvaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522626MurikipudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522626RajapetaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522626TatapudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522646KanumarlapudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522646KarumanchiGunturAndhra Pradesh
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Andhra Pradesh District Pincodes

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