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Andhra Pradesh Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Andhra Pradesh. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Andhra Pradesh, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Andhra Pradesh shown below

Pin Code Area District State
500033South Banjara HillsHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500034Banjara HillsHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500035Huda Residential ComplexHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500035RamakrishanapuramHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500035SaroornagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500036Malakpet ColonyHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500036Old MalakpetHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500036OsmannagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500036Sripuram Colony Ed SoHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500037Balanagar TownshipK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500037Cie BalangarK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500037RangareddynagarK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500038Sanjeev Reddy NagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500038Vengal Rao NagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500039BoduppalHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500039PeerzadigudaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500039Survey Of IndiaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500039UppalHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500040Aphb Colony MoulaliHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500040Ie MoulaliHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500040MoulaliHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500041Raj BhawanHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500042HalK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500043Airforce AcademyK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500043BowrampetK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500043DindigulK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500043GagillapurK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500043SrirangavaramK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500044AmbernagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500044Andhra Mahila SabhaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500044NallakuntaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500044New NallakuntaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500044VidyanagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh Staff QuartersHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500045Rahmath NagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500045YousufgudaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500046CucK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500047AnandbaghK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500047HanumanpetHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500047MalkajgiriK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500048AttapurHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500048HydergudaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500049MiyapurK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500050ChandanagarK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500051Hindustan Cables LtdHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500052HasannagarHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500052ShivarampalliHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500052Svpnpa SoHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500053Falaknuma SoHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500053UppugudaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500054Hmt TownshipK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500055GajularamaramHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500055Ida JeedimetlaK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500055JeedimetlaHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500055KutbullapurHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500055SuraramHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500056NeredmetK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500056Ramakrishna PuramK.v.rangareddyAndhra Pradesh
500057Vijay Nagar ColonyHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
500058BadangpetHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
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Andhra Pradesh District Pincodes

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