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Andhra Pradesh Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Andhra Pradesh. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Andhra Pradesh, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Andhra Pradesh shown below

Pin Code Area District State
507158VenkatapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159GattusingaramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159GuravaigudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159JakkepalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159KistapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159KothuruKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159KusumanchiKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159MallepalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159MotapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159MutyalagudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159NarasimhulagudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159PerikasingaramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507159TurakagudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160AcharlagudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160AmmagudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160AnasagaramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160AregudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160BhairavunipalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160BodulabandaKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160ChennaramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160KoratlagudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160MandrajupalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160MujjugudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160NachepalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160NelakondapalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160RajeswarapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160RamachandrapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160SingareddipalemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160SurdepalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507160TirumalapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161BachoduKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161BeeroleKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161ChowtapalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161GaigollapalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161HasnabadKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161JupedaKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161KakaravaiKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161MahammadapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161MedidepalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161PynampalliKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507161SubledKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163ArekoduKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163ArempulaKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163EdulapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163KokkireniKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163PocharamKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163TallacheruvuKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507163TirumalayapalemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164ArasarlapaduKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164KallorgudemKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164KandukurKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164KunchaparthiKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164MarlapaduKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164RacharlaKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507164VemsurKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507165GannavaramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507165GarikapaduKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507165GollapudiKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507165GubbagurthiKhammamAndhra Pradesh
507165KhanapuramKhammamAndhra Pradesh
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Andhra Pradesh District Pincodes

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