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Andhra Pradesh Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Andhra Pradesh. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Andhra Pradesh, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Andhra Pradesh shown below

Pin Code Area District State
515767AyyagarlapalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767BhyrasamudramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767CheliminahalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767ChintarlapalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767KanakuruAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767KhairevuAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767MamaduruAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767ParlacheduAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767ShetturAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515767ThippanapalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515774Kallur RsAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515774KesavapuramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515774KoppalakondaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515774MuntimaduguAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775AnumpalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775AyyavaripalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775DevarapalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775EddulapalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775G.kottalaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775GajarampalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775KalapuramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775KatrimalaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775KhaderpetaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775PalyamAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775PamidiAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775Pamidi Bus StandAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515775VankarajukalvaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787BhattuvanipalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787DurdakuntaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787KarthanaparthiAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787Kodipalli EastAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787MuddinayanipalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787NuthimaduguAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787RamapuramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787ThimmasamudramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515787YenumulachennampalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801Guntakal HoAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801Guntakal MarketAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801Hanumesh NagarAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801ModinabadAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801Railway ColonyAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801Rajendra NagarAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801SatyanarayanapeteAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515801TimmanacharlaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515803DosaludikiAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515803KasapuramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515803KottalaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515803N.narsapuramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515803NakkanadoddiAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515803Old GuntakalAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812BudagaviAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812ChabalaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812CheekalagurkiAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812ChinnamusturuAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812DharmapuriAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812GovindawadaAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812HonnurAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812JanardhanapalliAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812Kothapeta(uravakonda)AnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
515812LathavaramAnanthapurAndhra Pradesh
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Andhra Pradesh District Pincodes

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