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Andhra Pradesh Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Andhra Pradesh. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Andhra Pradesh, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Andhra Pradesh shown below

Pin Code Area District State
522017PallapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017VinjanampaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522017YamarruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018BandarupalleGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018BejathpuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018DamarapalleGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018GorlavaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018MandepudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018PamulapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018PonnekalluGunturAndhra Pradesh
522018RavelaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019ChowdavaramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019EnamadalaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019KondepaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019KoyavaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019MallayapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019NadimpalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019NimmagaddavaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019PrathipaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522019TikkireddyvaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020AmaravathiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020DharanikotaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020DiduguGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020HarischandrapuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020MalladiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020PedamadduruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522020VykuntapuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522034GorantlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522034Industrial EstateGunturAndhra Pradesh
522034JonnalagaddaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522034LamGunturAndhra Pradesh
522034Lam ArsGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101Af StationGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101BapatlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101MaruproluvaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101MuthayapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101NandirajuthotaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101Railpeta BapatlaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101RangaraothotaGunturAndhra Pradesh
522101SnpagraharamGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111BuddamGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111ChintayapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111EdlapalliGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111GanapavaramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111KarlapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111NalamothuvaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111PedagollapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111PedapuluguvaripalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111PeraliGunturAndhra Pradesh
522111YazaliGunturAndhra Pradesh
522112AppapuramGunturAndhra Pradesh
522112Ballukanudivari PalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522112GarikapaduGunturAndhra Pradesh
522112KakumanuGunturAndhra Pradesh
522112KondapaturuGunturAndhra Pradesh
522112PedapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
522113CherukuruGunturAndhra Pradesh
522113CheruvuGunturAndhra Pradesh
522113JillellamudiGunturAndhra Pradesh
522113MulapalemGunturAndhra Pradesh
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Andhra Pradesh District Pincodes

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