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Find Pin Codes in North Goa

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at

You can view North Goa Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in North Goa district of Goa.

Pin Code for North Goa shown below

Pin Code Area District State
403001C.c.altinho SoNorth GoaGoa
403001FontainhasNorth GoaGoa
403001Panaji HoNorth GoaGoa
403001St Inez SoNorth GoaGoa
403002CaranzalemNorth GoaGoa
403004Nio Dona PaulaNorth GoaGoa
403005Santa Cruz SoNorth GoaGoa
403006Chimbel BoNorth GoaGoa
403006Ribandar SoNorth GoaGoa
403101Betim SoNorth GoaGoa
403101Penha De FranceNorth GoaGoa
403101Salvador De MondNorth GoaGoa
403102Chorao SoNorth GoaGoa
403103ShirodaNorth GoaGoa
403103TarvalemNorth GoaGoa
403104MandurNorth GoaGoa
403104Neura SoNorth GoaGoa
403105Pale SoNorth GoaGoa
403107BetkiNorth GoaGoa
403107CumbharjuaNorth GoaGoa
403108BatimNorth GoaGoa
403108CurcaNorth GoaGoa
403108Goa -velha SoNorth GoaGoa
403108SiridaoNorth GoaGoa
403109N B Verem SoNorth GoaGoa
403110CarambolimNorth GoaGoa
403110Corlim Ie SoNorth GoaGoa
403114Nerul BoNorth GoaGoa
403114Pilerne BoNorth GoaGoa
403114Reis Magos SoNorth GoaGoa
403201Bambolim Camp SoNorth GoaGoa
403202Bambolim Complex SoNorth GoaGoa
403203Pilar SoNorth GoaGoa
403204St. Lourence SoNorth GoaGoa
403206Goa UniversityNorth GoaGoa
403401Ponda MdgNorth GoaGoa
403402Velha-goa SoNorth GoaGoa
403403MalarNorth GoaGoa
403403Piedade SoNorth GoaGoa
403404Marcaim BoNorth GoaGoa
403406CandeparNorth GoaGoa
403406DarbandoraNorth GoaGoa
403406PillemNorth GoaGoa
403406SancordemNorth GoaGoa
403407Usgao EdsoNorth GoaGoa
403412TamboxemNorth GoaGoa
403501Porvorim SoNorth GoaGoa
403501Succour PsskNorth GoaGoa
403502SirsaimNorth GoaGoa
403502Tivim SoNorth GoaGoa
403503AdvalpalNorth GoaGoa
403503Assonora SoNorth GoaGoa
403503DodamargNorth GoaGoa
403503IbrampurNorth GoaGoa
403503MulgaoNorth GoaGoa
403503NanoraNorth GoaGoa
403503SalemNorth GoaGoa
403503SirgaoNorth GoaGoa
403504Bicholim SoNorth GoaGoa
403504MaulingeNorth GoaGoa
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