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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Ananthnag Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Ananthnag district of Jammu Kashmir.

Pin Code for Ananthnag shown below

Pin Code Area District State
191103LudhooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
191103MandakpalAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
191103ZantragAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192101AkuraAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192101Anantnag HoAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192102KhanabalAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192121HoniporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192121KhandaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192121KonibalAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192121NehamaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192121SamburaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192122BarsooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192122ChandharaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192122CheersooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192122GairooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192122GouriporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192122LathporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192123Gopal PoraAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192125HutmarahAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192125KragsooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192125MartandAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192125NambalAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192125NanilAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192125RanbirporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192126PhalgamAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192201AchabalAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192202DaksumAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192202KokarnagAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192202LarnooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192202NaraporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192202SangamAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192210DialgamAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192211DooruAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212BonagandAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212HalsidarAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212KaprinAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212Lower MundahAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212NowgamAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212QanmarAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212SadinareAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192212VerinaagAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192221ManjmohAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192221NissuAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192221PanzethAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192221QazigundAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192221WangundAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192221YarkhoshiporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232AwenuraAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232BehibaghAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232BugamAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232DemidullaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232FrisalAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232KatrasooAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232KhigogiporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232M/gufanAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232NoonmaiAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232Reban GundAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232TarigamAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192232YariporaAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
192305AchanAnanthnagJammu Kashmir
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