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Manipur Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Manipur. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Manipur, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Manipur shown below

Pin Code Area District State
795001D.m College SoImphal WestManipur
795001Imphal Bazar SoImphal WestManipur
795001Imphal H.o.Imphal WestManipur
795001K M College EdboThoubalManipur
795001Khoyathong EdboImphal WestManipur
795001Kshetribangoon EdboImphal EastManipur
795001Kshetrigao EdboImphal EastManipur
795001Laikoiching EdboImphal EastManipur
795001Ngarian EdboBishnupurManipur
795001Nungsai Chiru EdboBishnupurManipur
795001Phubala EdboBishnupurManipur
795001Soibam Leikai EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Ahallup EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Awangpotshangbam EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Heingang EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Karakhul EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Khonghampat EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Khurukhul EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Konthakhabam EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Loitang Leikinthabi EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Luwangsangbam EdboImphal WestManipur
795002Mantripukhri SoImphal WestManipur
795002Tendongyang (p) EdboImphal WestManipur
795003Canchipur (t/c/d) EdboImphal WestManipur
795003Kunja (p) EdboImphal WestManipur
795003Kyamgei EdboImphal WestManipur
795003Langthabal EdboImphal WestManipur
795003Manipur UniversityImphal EastManipur
795003Mongsangei EdboImphal WestManipur
795003Ningombam EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Central Agriculture UniversityImphal WestManipur
795004Iroisemaba EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Lamboi Khongnagkhong EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Lamphelpat SoImphal WestManipur
795004Langol Housing Complex EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Noremthong Bazar EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Sagolband Thingom Leikai EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Sayang Kuraomakhong EdboImphal WestManipur
795004Tera Bazar EdboImphal WestManipur
795005Awang Konmgpal EdboImphal EastManipur
795005Khurai Khongnang Makhong EdboImphal EastManipur
795005Moirang Kampu EdboImphal EastManipur
795005Porompat SoImphal EastManipur
795005Takhel EdboImphal EastManipur
795007Karong SoSenapatiManipur
795008Irilbung EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Keirao Bitra SalamImphal EastManipur
795008Keirao Makting EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Keirao Wangkhem EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Khongangpheidekpi EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Kitnapanung EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Kongba Bazar EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Laiphrak Maring EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Mongkhang Lambi EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Oinam Thingel EdboImphal EastManipur
795008Singjamei SoImphal EastManipur
795008Uchekon EdboImphal EastManipur
795009Bitrarakhong EdboImphal WestManipur
795009Haoreibi EdboImphal WestManipur
795009Hiyangthang EdboImphal WestManipur
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Manipur District Pincodes

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