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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Balangir Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Balangir district of Orissa.

Pin Code for Balangir shown below

Pin Code Area District State
767001Balangir CourtBalangirOrissa
767001Balangir Rs NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767001Gandhi Nagar NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767001Marwari Bazar NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767001Rugudi Para NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767001Sudpara NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767001Talpalipara NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767001Tikrapara NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767002Ankriapadar BoBalangirOrissa
767002Atgaon BoBalangirOrissa
767002B.fatkara BoBalangirOrissa
767002Bahalpadar BoBalangirOrissa
767002Bhaler BoBalangirOrissa
767002Bubel BoBalangirOrissa
767002Chhatapipal BoBalangirOrissa
767002College Square NdtsoBalangirOrissa
767002Daspur BoBalangirOrissa
767002Gaintala BoBalangirOrissa
767002Jamgaon BoBalangirOrissa
767002Kharjura BoBalangirOrissa
767002Khujenpali BoBalangirOrissa
767002Kurul BoBalangirOrissa
767002Mahimunda BoBalangirOrissa
767002Makundpur BoBalangirOrissa
767002Malmunda BoBalangirOrissa
767002Manoharpur BoBalangirOrissa
767002Patharla BoBalangirOrissa
767002Rajendra College SoBalangirOrissa
767002Randa BoBalangirOrissa
767016Arjunda BoBalangirOrissa
767016Bairasar BoBalangirOrissa
767016Thelkomunda BoBalangirOrissa
767020Agalapali BoBalangirOrissa
767020Badibahal BoBalangirOrissa
767020Badimunda BoBalangirOrissa
767020Badtika BoBalangirOrissa
767020Burda BoBalangirOrissa
767020Hirapur BoBalangirOrissa
767020Jogisarda BoBalangirOrissa
767020Kandajuri BoBalangirOrissa
767020Khaliapali BoBalangirOrissa
767020Manhira BoBalangirOrissa
767020Nagaon BoBalangirOrissa
767020Pardhiapali BoBalangirOrissa
767020Sakma BoBalangirOrissa
767020Sargad BoBalangirOrissa
767021Bakti BoBalangirOrissa
767021Bendra BoBalangirOrissa
767021Mursundhi BoBalangirOrissa
767021Patuapali BoBalangirOrissa
767021Rampur BoBalangirOrissa
767021Salebhata SoBalangirOrissa
767022Agalpur SoBalangirOrissa
767022Budula BoBalangirOrissa
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