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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Gurdaspur Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

Pin Code for Gurdaspur shown below

Pin Code Area District State
143505Adda UmarpuraGurdaspurPunjab
143505Bal Purian BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Batala City NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Batala HoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Bhandari Gate Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Bhullar BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Choudharywal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Dadiala BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Dbn Road Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Dharamkot Bagga BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Fazlabad BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505G T Road Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Guru Nanak Nagar NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Hardo Jhande BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Harpura Dhandoi BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Industrial Estate Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Jaito Sarja BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Jaura Singha BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Krishna Nagar Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Nehru Gate Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Parnjgarian BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Qila Lal Singh -e BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Railway Road Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Ranger Nangal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Sarupwali BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Sunaya BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Udhanwal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Urban Estate Batala NdtsoGurdaspurPunjab
143505Wadala Banger BoGurdaspurPunjab
143506Batala Sugar Mills BoGurdaspurPunjab
143506G S T C Batala BoGurdaspurPunjab
143506Gpt Batala SoGurdaspurPunjab
143506Massania BoGurdaspurPunjab
143506Wadala Granthia BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Aliwal SoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Dabhanwala Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Dadiala Natt BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Ghoga BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Gujjarpura BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Kastiwal-e BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Marar BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Riali BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Shankarpura -e BoGurdaspurPunjab
143507Talwandi Lal Singh BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Athwal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Bhadal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Bhagowal SoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Bhangowani BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Dalam BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Dargabad BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Gagowali BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Hakimpur BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Mirzajan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Rai Chak BoGurdaspurPunjab
143511Sarwali BoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Barila Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Bishankot BoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Buchenangal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Dalelpur BoGurdaspurPunjab
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