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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Gurdaspur Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

Pin Code for Gurdaspur shown below

Pin Code Area District State
143512Fattupur BoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Kalanaur SoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Lakhan Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143512Rudiana BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Bhole Ke BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Dalla Chak BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Ghanie Ke Banger BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Kala Afgana SoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Rajeke BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Sirah BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Teja Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143513Villa Teja BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Bhoman BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Bolewal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Chone BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Dakoha BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Ghoman SoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Ladha Mundha BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Padhe BoGurdaspurPunjab
143514Villa Baijju BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Ballarwal -e BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Cheema Khudi BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Kishankot BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Machrai BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Mari Buchian BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Mari Panwan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Mari Tanda BoGurdaspurPunjab
143515Srihargobindpur SoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Dhandal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Dhapai BoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Kandila BoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Khojala BoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Kot Todarmal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Leel Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143516Qadian SoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Alma BoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Bhaini Mian Khan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Bhattian SoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Ghorewah BoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Kotli Harchandan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Mullanwal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143517Nanowal Jinder -eGurdaspurPunjab
143518Dehriwal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Dial Garh BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Fazula Chak BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Ghuman Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Khokhar Faujjian BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Naushera Majja Singh SoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Passanwal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Satkoha BoGurdaspurPunjab
143518Seikhwan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Bhojraj BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Dhariwal SoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Fateh Nangal BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Kaler Kalan BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Kalyanpur BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Khunda NoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Kot Santokh Rai BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Langah-e BoGurdaspurPunjab
143519Zaffarwal BoGurdaspurPunjab
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