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Sikkim Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Sikkim. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Sikkim, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Sikkim shown below

Pin Code Area District State
737101Gangtok BazarEast SikkimSikkim
737101Gangtok HpoEast SikkimSikkim
737101Sichey GaonEast SikkimSikkim
737102DeoraliEast SikkimSikkim
737102DhajeyEast SikkimSikkim
737102GnathangEast SikkimSikkim
737102KyanglashaEast SikkimSikkim
737102LingdumEast SikkimSikkim
737102PabyiokEast SikkimSikkim
737102SamdurEast SikkimSikkim
737102SherathangEast SikkimSikkim
737102TadongEast SikkimSikkim
737103BhusukEast SikkimSikkim
737103BojoghariEast SikkimSikkim
737103LingdokEast SikkimSikkim
737103LuingEast SikkimSikkim
737103PenlongEast SikkimSikkim
737103RajbhawanEast SikkimSikkim
737103TashilingEast SikkimSikkim
737106BeringEast SikkimSikkim
737106ChangayshantiEast SikkimSikkim
737106KarthokEast SikkimSikkim
737106LinkeyEast SikkimSikkim
737106NamcheybongEast SikkimSikkim
737106PacheykhaniEast SikkimSikkim
737106PakyongEast SikkimSikkim
737106TshalamthangEast SikkimSikkim
737107DikchuEast SikkimSikkim
737107GorEast SikkimSikkim
737107LumlingthyangEast SikkimSikkim
737107RakdongEast SikkimSikkim
737107Raley KheseyEast SikkimSikkim
737107SamdongEast SikkimSikkim
737111ArithangWest SikkimSikkim
737111BhaluthangWest SikkimSikkim
737111ChingthangWest SikkimSikkim
737111GayzingWest SikkimSikkim
737111GerathangWest SikkimSikkim
737111KarjeeWest SikkimSikkim
737111LegshipWest SikkimSikkim
737111LingchomWest SikkimSikkim
737111RangshipWest SikkimSikkim
737111RinchenpongWest SikkimSikkim
737111SinekWest SikkimSikkim
737111TashidingWest SikkimSikkim
737111YangteyWest SikkimSikkim
737111YangthangWest SikkimSikkim
737113DarapWest SikkimSikkim
737113DentamWest SikkimSikkim
737113Hee GaonWest SikkimSikkim
737113KalukWest SikkimSikkim
737113KarmatarWest SikkimSikkim
737113KhechuperiWest SikkimSikkim
737113Mechi AchingWest SikkimSikkim
737113NamphuWest SikkimSikkim
737113PellingWest SikkimSikkim
737113Radhu KhanduWest SikkimSikkim
737113RimbiWest SikkimSikkim
737113ThinglingWest SikkimSikkim
737113UttareyWest SikkimSikkim
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Sikkim District Pincodes

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