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Sikkim Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Sikkim. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Sikkim, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Sikkim shown below

Pin Code Area District State
737126SorokSouth SikkimSikkim
737126WokSouth SikkimSikkim
737128KerabariSouth SikkimSikkim
737128LungchukSouth SikkimSikkim
737128ManpurSouth SikkimSikkim
737128Melli BazarSouth SikkimSikkim
737128Melli DaraSouth SikkimSikkim
737128PayiongSouth SikkimSikkim
737128RateypaniSouth SikkimSikkim
737128SadamSouth SikkimSikkim
737128SumbukSouth SikkimSikkim
737128TurukSouth SikkimSikkim
737131ChujachenEast SikkimSikkim
737131DalapchandEast SikkimSikkim
737131LatukEast SikkimSikkim
737131LingtamEast SikkimSikkim
737131North ReguEast SikkimSikkim
737131ParkhaEast SikkimSikkim
737131PhadamchenEast SikkimSikkim
737131Rangli BazarEast SikkimSikkim
737131RolepEast SikkimSikkim
737131South ReguEast SikkimSikkim
737132DugaEast SikkimSikkim
737132East PendamEast SikkimSikkim
737132Kateng BokrangEast SikkimSikkim
737132MamringEast SikkimSikkim
737132Maney DaraEast SikkimSikkim
737132NamthangEast SikkimSikkim
737132RangpoEast SikkimSikkim
737132TurungEast SikkimSikkim
737132Upper PendamEast SikkimSikkim
737133AmbaEast SikkimSikkim
737133AritarEast SikkimSikkim
737133RhenockEast SikkimSikkim
737133RorathangEast SikkimSikkim
737133Shivalaya Mandir LingseyEast SikkimSikkim
737133SudunglakhaEast SikkimSikkim
737133TazaEast SikkimSikkim
737133Upper DalapchandEast SikkimSikkim
737133Upper KhamdongNot AvailableSikkim
737134BardangEast SikkimSikkim
737134BermiokEast SikkimSikkim
737134BeyongEast SikkimSikkim
737134Dipudara Nhpc ComplexEast SikkimSikkim
737134Gangkha BustyEast SikkimSikkim
737134KhamdongEast SikkimSikkim
737134KokalayEast SikkimSikkim
737134LingeeEast SikkimSikkim
737134LingmooEast SikkimSikkim
737134LingzeyEast SikkimSikkim
737134LunsingEast SikkimSikkim
737134NamphingEast SikkimSikkim
737134NazitamEast SikkimSikkim
737134NeyaEast SikkimSikkim
737134Sakhu BustyEast SikkimSikkim
737134SangkholaEast SikkimSikkim
737134SinchuthangEast SikkimSikkim
737134SingtamEast SikkimSikkim
737134SongEast SikkimSikkim
737134SuminEast SikkimSikkim
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Sikkim District Pincodes

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