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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Salem Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Salem district of Tamil Nadu.

Pin Code for Salem shown below

Pin Code Area District State
636119PuthiragoundampalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636119UmayapuramSalemTamil Nadu
636119VeeragoundanurSalemTamil Nadu
636121KattukottaiSalemTamil Nadu
636121ManivilundanSalemTamil Nadu
636121SadasivapuramSalemTamil Nadu
636121SarvoySalemTamil Nadu
636121SathapadiSalemTamil Nadu
636121ThenkumaraiSalemTamil Nadu
636121VadachennimalaiSalemTamil Nadu
636121ValayamadeviSalemTamil Nadu
636122AchankuttapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636122AladipattiSalemTamil Nadu
636122AranoothumalaiSalemTamil Nadu
636122ChinnanurSalemTamil Nadu
636122D.perumapalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636122PallipattiSalemTamil Nadu
636122PoovanurSalemTamil Nadu
636122SukkampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636122ValasaiyurSalemTamil Nadu
636122VeeranamSalemTamil Nadu
636130Kondayampalli EdsoSalemTamil Nadu
636138KariyakoilSalemTamil Nadu
636138KarumanthuraiSalemTamil Nadu
636138Koil PuthurSalemTamil Nadu
636138KunnurSalemTamil Nadu
636138ManiyaragundamSalemTamil Nadu
636138PagadupattuSalemTamil Nadu
636138SittampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636138SoolankurichiSalemTamil Nadu
636138ThekkampattuSalemTamil Nadu
636139AnuppurSalemTamil Nadu
636139KolathukombaiSalemTamil Nadu
636139KootathupattiSalemTamil Nadu
636139NirmullikuttaiSalemTamil Nadu
636139VelampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636140KandashramamSalemTamil Nadu
636140OdayapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636141AmmampalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636141KallanathamSalemTamil Nadu
636141ManjiniSalemTamil Nadu
636141MulluvadiSalemTamil Nadu
636141PaithurSalemTamil Nadu
636141PudupetSalemTamil Nadu
636141PungavadiSalemTamil Nadu
636201DasanaickenpattiSalemTamil Nadu
636201GajjalnaickenpattiSalemTamil Nadu
636201NalikalpattiSalemTamil Nadu
636201NilavarapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636201SeelanaickenpattiSalemTamil Nadu
636203E.pethampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636203MookuthipalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636203MullurSalemTamil Nadu
636203P.metturSalemTamil Nadu
636203ParapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636203R.komarapalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636203S.attayampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636204AdikaraiSalemTamil Nadu
636204KuralnathamSalemTamil Nadu
636204PanamarathupattiSalemTamil Nadu
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