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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Salem Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Salem district of Tamil Nadu.

Pin Code for Salem shown below

Pin Code Area District State
636309SemmandapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636309SikkanampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636351BommiampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636351DeevattipattiSalemTamil Nadu
636351JodukuliSalemTamil Nadu
636351KadayampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636351KonreddiyurSalemTamil Nadu
636351MukkanurSalemTamil Nadu
636351NadupattiSalemTamil Nadu
636351UmbilickampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636351V.kongarapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636354DanishpetSalemTamil Nadu
636354K.morurSalemTamil Nadu
636354KanavaipudurSalemTamil Nadu
636354KannapadiSalemTamil Nadu
636354KethunaickenpattipudurSalemTamil Nadu
636354PeriavadugampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636354RamamurthinagarSalemTamil Nadu
636401MetturdamSalemTamil Nadu
636401Metturdam NorthSalemTamil Nadu
636402Metturdam RsSalemTamil Nadu
636402ThangamapuripattinamSalemTamil Nadu
636403KarumalaikudalSalemTamil Nadu
636403PudusampalliSalemTamil Nadu
636403Raman NagarSalemTamil Nadu
636404AndikaraiSalemTamil Nadu
636404GonurSalemTamil Nadu
636404KaruppureddiyurSalemTamil Nadu
636406Mettur Thermal ProjectSalemTamil Nadu
636407PudupattiSalemTamil Nadu
636451AmaramSalemTamil Nadu
636451AranganurSalemTamil Nadu
636451BanapuramSalemTamil Nadu
636451BukkampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636451ChamrajpetSalemTamil Nadu
636451ErakondampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636451MarakottaiSalemTamil Nadu
636451PeriasathapadiSalemTamil Nadu
636451ThettigiripattiSalemTamil Nadu
636451VellarSalemTamil Nadu
636452KolanaickenpattiSalemTamil Nadu
636452MadayankuttaiSalemTamil Nadu
636452MasilapalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636452MulakaduSalemTamil Nadu
636452NavapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636453GuttapattiSalemTamil Nadu
636453KoppampudurSalemTamil Nadu
636453KullamudayanurSalemTamil Nadu
636453M.kalipattiSalemTamil Nadu
636453MecheriSalemTamil Nadu
636453PottaneriSalemTamil Nadu
636453VirudasampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636454KanakkampattiSalemTamil Nadu
636454NangavalliSalemTamil Nadu
636454VeerakkalSalemTamil Nadu
636455MettupattiSalemTamil Nadu
636455MoongilerichettipattiSalemTamil Nadu
636455NallagoundampalayamSalemTamil Nadu
636455OlaipattiSalemTamil Nadu
636455OmalurSalemTamil Nadu
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