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Find Pin Codes in Auraiya

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Auraiya Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Auraiya shown below

Pin Code Area District State
206121AjitmalAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121AmaotaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121AtsooAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BabainAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BabarpurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BaderaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BallapurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BharehAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BhurepurkalanAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121BilawanAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121Gada KasdaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121Gauhani KalanAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121JanishnagarAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121JuhikhaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121KariawaliAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121KhetupurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121SanpharAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121SenganpurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206121Sohari GarhiaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122Auraiya HoAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122BadharipurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122BamuripurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122BharsenAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122BhaupurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122BurhadanaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122ChirhuliAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122Daulatpur EdsoAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122IkaurapurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122JaitapurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122KakhaotooAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122KeontraAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122KhanpurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122KharkaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122LuhiapurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122PanharAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122SahabdaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122Sherpur SaraiyaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206122Tilak Nagar EdsoAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129Ayana EdsoAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129BakhriyaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129BhasonAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129BhikhepurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129BirhuniAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129ChaptaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129Haidarpur EdsoAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129KarampurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129Mahmoodpur DsAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129MuradganjAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129NigraAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129PharihaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129RoshangpurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129SikharnaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206129UchaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241AchhaldaAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241BaghaipurAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241BansiAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241BhainsolAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241ChhachhundAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241DashehraAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
206241GhasaraAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
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