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Find Pin Codes in Azamgarh

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Azamgarh Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Azamgarh shown below

Pin Code Area District State
276131MahuyamurarpurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276131PunargiAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276131SemaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276135Gauri NarayanpurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276135JolhapurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276135Kandhara PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276136Lat GhatAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137BankatiaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137BardihaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137Dewara JadidAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137Dighwania KajiAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137GareruaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137Huse PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137JokharaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137LuchuiAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137Maharaj GanjAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137Mahesh PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137Molana PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137NaraipurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137PiharAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276137TaraukaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138AmuwariAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138BeramaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138Chaklal ChandAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138Jameen HarkhoriAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138JiyanpurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138KhalispurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138Mahulia BojhiaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138MaltariAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138MohmmadpurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276138SagariAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Araji AmaniAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139BhaishaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Dewara Jadid IAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139HaidarabadAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Harkhpura KhasAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Jameel PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139JurarampurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Khan Pur BhagatpattiAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Nauwarar Dewara JadidAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139Rasulpur NandalalAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139SardahaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139ShivpurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276139SinghwaraAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Badasara AimaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Badasara KhalsaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141BhedauraAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141ChewataAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141KaudiaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Lahar ParAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Maniyar PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Mokhalish PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141NewadaAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Pach KhauraAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Rasul Pur Pasi PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141Tahar Wajid PurAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276141TerahiAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276142AmariAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276142AtaraithAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
276142Ban Kat JagdeeshAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
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