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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Banda Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Banda shown below

Pin Code Area District State
210126MarjhaBandaUttar Pradesh
210126MawaighatBandaUttar Pradesh
210126NandadeoBandaUttar Pradesh
210126NarauliBandaUttar Pradesh
210126NariBandaUttar Pradesh
210126PadohraBandaUttar Pradesh
210126PailaniBandaUttar Pradesh
210126PiprodarBandaUttar Pradesh
210126RampurBandaUttar Pradesh
210126SabadaBandaUttar Pradesh
210126SikahulaBandaUttar Pradesh
210126Sindhan KalanBandaUttar Pradesh
210128AmlikaurBandaUttar Pradesh
210128BendaBandaUttar Pradesh
210128BhujrakhBandaUttar Pradesh
210128KhaundaBandaUttar Pradesh
210128MahuiBandaUttar Pradesh
210128MungusBandaUttar Pradesh
210128PipargawanBandaUttar Pradesh
210128Semri BasilpurBandaUttar Pradesh
210128TindwariBandaUttar Pradesh
210129BaheriBandaUttar Pradesh
210129BiraunaBandaUttar Pradesh
210129ChandwaraBandaUttar Pradesh
210129GumanganjBandaUttar Pradesh
210129Gurha KalanBandaUttar Pradesh
210129JamwaraBandaUttar Pradesh
210129KailnjarBandaUttar Pradesh
210129KartalBandaUttar Pradesh
210129KulsariBandaUttar Pradesh
210129LahuretaBandaUttar Pradesh
210129NahriBandaUttar Pradesh
210129NarainiBandaUttar Pradesh
210129NauhaiBandaUttar Pradesh
210129PadmaiBandaUttar Pradesh
210129PangaraBandaUttar Pradesh
210129ParsaharBandaUttar Pradesh
210129PongariBandaUttar Pradesh
210129RisauraBandaUttar Pradesh
210129SarhaBandaUttar Pradesh
210201AnathuwaBandaUttar Pradesh
210201AtarraBandaUttar Pradesh
210201BallanBandaUttar Pradesh
210201ChausarBandaUttar Pradesh
210201GanaonBandaUttar Pradesh
210201GokhiaBandaUttar Pradesh
210201KhambhauraBandaUttar Pradesh
210201OrahaBandaUttar Pradesh
210201P G College AttaraBandaUttar Pradesh
210201PachokharBandaUttar Pradesh
210201PindkharBandaUttar Pradesh
210201PunahurBandaUttar Pradesh
210202BadausaBandaUttar Pradesh
210202BaghelabariBandaUttar Pradesh
210202DadhwamanpurBandaUttar Pradesh
210202GhuretanpurBandaUttar Pradesh
210202HarbamafiBandaUttar Pradesh
210202HariharpurBandaUttar Pradesh
210202JabrapurBandaUttar Pradesh
210202MahutaBandaUttar Pradesh
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